Acupressure Points for Kids

Rescue Points Using Acupressure Techniques for Diarrhea

How are rescue points using acupressure techniques stops diarrhea? The techniques we will be learning here is all about Traditional Chinese Medicine. A form of therapy they called tui na, a certain bodywork therapy somewhat similar to massage but only it is done in specific acupuncture points. Acupuncture (using needles) and acupressure (using your body parts or devices) are almost equal in therapeutic results.

Since children are more adaptable to acupressure than acupuncture, I personally use acupressure in all my little patients. Not only acupressure is soothing and the child feels better quickly, it is very cheap (you do not spend a penny if you are willing to learn it) and also non-invasive. When children see needles, you already know what can happen next.

Most of diarrhea we see in children is due to abnormal diet or consumption of contaminated food. Some newborns have loose stools after they are started on infant formula. Other kids complain of stomach pain and diarrhea due to abnormal development of the digestive tract. Pediatricians might prescribe switching formula and wait how does the body of the child will react to the new one. But there are a lot of cases that the condition still persists after the switch. ?And we know how important nutrition is needed to a growing baby.

In the clinic, young parents worry a lot when their children have 2-3 episodes of loose stools. This cannot be immediately categorized as diarrhea, but parents almost always consider it one and abnormal. And we all know doctors do not prescribe a medication to stop diarrhea, but only advise parents about conservative management to prevent dehydration. Fluids, soft foods, bland foods, or switching formula is usually what parents are advised to do.

Now I think this is the best time to complement the conservative therapy with acupressure. This is what I do with my child and it is always 100% effective. So I would advise that this is really worth a try for you to learn if you have a small child. Diarrhea can occur many times in your child’s life. So if you want to learn it today, you will always find it useful in the next growing years of your child’s life.

Since acupressure is painless, effective and no side effect, I always practice this technique with my child. It is very surprising how a non-drug remedy can do so good to a sick child, and I am sure by now you are wanting to know how to do it.

Just continue reading and I will be introducing it next.

Prescription Acupoints for Diarrhea

There are only 6 acupressure points that I will introduce here today. This is the primary choice most tui na therapist prescribe, but besides these, there are many other combinations too. So here we will be using only the simple and mostly used ones.

The points are mostly located in the hands, on the abdomen, and on the legs. The points are named and listed below.

  • Pijing
  • Dachanng
  • Banmen
  • Neibagua
  • Zhonguan
  • ST 36

Remember to do manipulations for 2-3 minutes on each point. If you can do both sides together like on both legs, it will save you time. Make sure the pressure is not too deep that it hurts or too shallow that it tickles. The best gauge for you to know the depth is good is to look at the child’s facial expression. If the child will not cry or will not avoid your hands and seemed to be holding breath every quite often, then that means the child is enjoying the massage.

We will start with the abdomen. Then the legs, and followed up with the hand points.




Locate this point by finding the navel and the lowest part of the sternum (ribcage). Mark the midpoint between the two. The middle is the point called zhonguan.



ST 36

Locate this point by running a finger from the side of the shin bone. Continue upwards until your finger stops on a depression marked in red dot. This is the point called ST 36.













Acupressure Techniques

  • Do these points twice a day, and your child will be better in 24 – 48 hours.
  • Make sure both you and child are in comfortable position.
  • Use massage oil to prevent friction, you can purchase lavender massage oil which is very soothing to use in children, or use any oil you have from your kitchen. Talcum powder works fine too!
  • Massage in circular or pushing techniques according to the points used.
  • Timing should be in quick movements and must be smooth.
  • You may do both sides together if the child is very small (like the legs and hands) when it is easy to grasps them.
  • Be mindful of the pressure you apply, depending on age. See discussion above about depth.
  • Cover the child with a warm blanket after the massage?and wait for the surprising recovery in a short time.

Hope you have learned something today on how to apply rescue points using acupressure techniques for diarrhea.

Wishing you and your child a good health!

Thank you for reading.


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