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How to Help Your Child Excel in Reading


How to make our child excel in reading depends upon how well we introduce reading early in child’s life. The best time to introduce letters is as soon as the child starts to focus on things like what Advance Readerwe say or what we show them so they recognize objects, movement, and actions. The child’s?sensory development is very reactive to these stimuli, so the earlier we introduce it to them, the better and positive the outcome.

The surrounding stimuli triggers the child’s reaction in response to what specific stimulus introduced. It starts around as early as two-three months old that the child begins to develop more acute ability to see and recognize objects, becomes more familiar and distinguish different sounds, recognize different textures, and develop a more acute sense of smell making them able to distinguish against strangers and unfamiliar objects.

The main key of teaching is not to force the child to learn. The child will develop in stages and it is important we do not overstimulate them because it will do them more harm than good.

Their sense of touch will also develop too as you introduce them with toys and objects with different?textures like something that feels rough, smooth, and fluffy. Make them touch and feel all kinds of texture and notice how they react. This will help the child’s brain process the experience and store it for later use.

As you also stimulate the child’s sense of taste, introducing unlikely taste stimulus (like sour), gives a very strong positive reaction. This proves that children’s sensory responses are acute even at a very young age. We can only introduce these matters gently to avoid overstimulation that leads to a negative response. The more positive the stimulus, the more interaction we get. And the happier the child becomes. All of these are very important for healthy child development.

Same thing happens with introducing them with sound. The parent’s voice is the main attraction to the child’s attention, turning their heads towards the source of the sound. Children will recognize their parents?voice as early as a few weeks old.

Introducing letters at around four months for me was a good very thing?I think… But I did not flood my daughter?with over-stimulation though. I introduced one letter at a time over and over again for several months. Even though my child will not recognize and able to read these letters visually, but by just giving her the idea that reading involves letters will later bring on many benefits as she becomes older.

Toddler stage, she was already reading independently.

I noticed that by around two years old, my daughter was already focusing on simple words that I have introduced to her months before. She can even countBaby Hannah Interested in Piano and read numbers at 18 months. She also started to play the piano keys.

By age three, she was already reading on her own. I was very lucky since she does not want me?to read her the story. She made it the other way around. She wants me to listen?to her while she is reading the book. She made my “mommy role” much easier! I usually fall asleep when she starts reading. She has to shake me up and say, “mom are you listening?”

After this, reading was already on her own. She will choose the books she was interested in reading and will not like if I pick something for her. By the time she was in kindergarten, she was already reading chapter books while other kids in the school of the same age were still reading nursery rhymes.

Teach the child reading according to his or her level of learning development, we do not want to push too hard or be totally lax on it for it can bring a negative impact on them. It is best to follow according to what our child will like or does not like to read.

But if the time comes when you think that your child can take a little bit of a challenge to level up sooner than expected, then do it the gentle way.?This is how I discovered that my daughter reads way, way much better than I thought! I first introduced her to read chapter books at kindergarten. When I saw that she can handle the challenge, I pushed some more!

First Grade, Advance Reader.

On her first grade, the private school she was in has a program named Advance Reading. Students have to choose a book of their like and they have to Reading at Ikeaachieve certain points for each quarter. I believe 8 points per quarter. They have to take a computer test at school to measure their understanding of what they have read.

At this time, my daughter was already earning so many AR points that the teacher was so surprised of her reading skills. The teacher even advised her to go back and read simple books only appropriate to her level. But I disagreed! Because for me, I have to test the limit of my daughter’s understanding and reading comprehension. So I kept leveling her reading skills up some more.

By second grade, her Advanced Reading points were up to 218, and the required points were only 40 (10 points for each quarter). At this level, she was already reading books like Diary of the Wimpy Kid, Humprey Series, Roald Dahl,?American Girl Series, Charlie Brown’s Encyclopedia and many, many more books we borrowed from the library.

Read a Book A Day

What I did with my daughter’s situation was to make her read and get her the habit to read one book a day. Yes one book a day!

She has to be reminded though since she can be pre-occupied with so many other things like playing toys, watching videos, and playing with the neighbor’s kids. She has to read books with pages starting from 120-180 pages each night from Sunday to Wednesday. Then she has to take the test the following day in Second Price Winner - Pianoschool to get points. The teacher had a log sheet and she would record all the results she received.

Reading well comes with added bonuses and surprises too! She can easily spell well, easily understands non-common words that maybe I learned to comprehend only when I was in high school, LOL! She is also good in reading music notes, so her teacher was so impressed with her piano lessons. She won 2nd place at 7 yo in her first piano competition.

Ways to Encourage the Love of Reading

  • Whatever technique you found right for your child, push it. Remember that their success depends on us.
  • Bring your child to the library more often so they get the idea that reading is good and fun.
  • Bring them to the bookstore and flip pages of children’s books and read to them, or if not let them read it by themselves. Spend some time there, don’t rush out.
  • Visit museums and look about what educational materials are available there for the child to read.
  • Play with word games, legos to stimulate creativity, and show them interactive educational videos.
  • Travel, join in camp, visit local and national parks and educate children with what they find and see.
  • Continue supporting the child to read even during summer and vacation days even for just 20-30 minutes a day.
  • But most of all, children needs to play but in a controlled manner. I always tell my daughter that she cannot play all day long.

Whatever ways you found suitable for your child, I wish you all success on how to help your child excel in reading.




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