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How Calazime Paste Treats Eczema. Surprising Results!

You must be wondering how calazime paste can treat eczema with a surprising result! This, I did not even think can happen that quickly. It just came up coincidentally when I was treating myself for a skin problem. I should have used this on my daughter’s eczema if I had known long before.

I will tell you more about Calazime paste later in this post.

The one worry most parents cannot tolerate this problem forever is about how eczema can affect our children’s self-esteem. It hurt our feelings when our children feel the shame when someone touches their hands and get a negative comment. They will be afraid that their skin problem will be known to many and will be ridiculed forever.

My Daughter’s Hidden Secret

My daughter’s condition became worse when she was 7 years old. Aside from prescribing hydrocortisone, the doctor also advised avoiding alcohol-based hand sanitizer (which is ironic because the school had been using them) so my daughter cannot completely avoid it. I tried giving her a big bottle of non-alcohol based product, but it ended up she always forget to use it, or even cannot remember to tell the school staff to use it for her.

I have been so bothered with the condition my daughter had been suffering since she was 6 years old. And since then, for 2 years I have been looking for the right natural treatment that I can’t find. I tried so many things to help her. It was so elusive to get until this time.

Prescription strength Hydrocortisone cream does not really make any improvement at all. Part of the main reason is that once the child washes off his or her hands, the drug disappears. The pediatrician prescribed it to apply twice a day as needed. Well, we all know we apply it more often, isn’t it? But did you see any inspiring result??No. I am, right?

Once my daughter’s friend at her school realized she had a skin problem on both of her hands, she asked if it was contagious. My daughter said she just kept her hands away from her because she does not know if it is contagious or not. She was bothered by the comment. Sometimes, she even kept her hands away from me so I cannot see how bad it is. I started to get so worried. That is why I continued to search.

This came to be the starting point of how my daughter feels ashamed of having a condition she has no control of. She just hides it away, so nobody will know. My poor girl. I don’t want her to be keeping a secret. Her self-esteem is now being affected.

Search fo the Natural Cure

So now I had her try to use a natural non-drying bar soap with tea tree oil. It looked nice, did not aggravate a skin reaction. That was a good start and now this is what she use all the time at home. Tea tree oil is antibacterial and it takes the place of using antibacterial liquid hand soap.

Next, my search for the cure just started to get crazy. One person gave me a virgin coconut oil to try. You know what happened next? My daughter’s skin reacted so bad as if it got so angry! It looked very red, was cracking up, and it was oozing with serum. I felt so mad of what I did. Take note: extra virgin coconut oil can aggravate eczema. Do not use it!

Next, I tried soaking it with green tea. Nothing changed. I tried antifungal cream and it sort of make it better. But them it always comes back. And the antifungal cream leaves a very nasty dark skin discoloration.

Then, I tried Vitamin E and Vitamin D. I pricked the capsule with a pin and applied the oil to her skin. Kind of stabilizes the drying of the skin. But still the problem is visible.

When we go to church, I also have her apply holy water to the affected skin in a discreet way.

I tried her using a natural scrub we made from scratch?in our kitchen: avocado oil, honey, and sugar. Turned out very promising! It exfoliated the rough, dry skin and it felt so smooth. She liked it. So another promising discovery noted!

I once asked the pediatrician to test her for the Zone 10 Allergy Test. They do not do it in their clinic and they referred me to a specialist. Well, we did not go since the doctor did not really recommend doing it. She said the test is expensive. In the end, I was frustrated.

So I told my daughter that we should not stop looking for the cure. My daughter’s piano teacher recommended using the all natural non-GMO and organic milk. But the cost was ridiculously expensive! But the bottom line?is, we tried it. The result? No effect!

Back to square one. I was hoping I can identify the food culprit that aggravates her eczema. But I could not. Very stressful pursuit. My daughter is now eight, and it is a must that we should suppress this nasty allergic skin reaction fast!

Caught the Elusive Answer, After Two Years of Searching!

Then, one day I saw the Calazime Cream that I bought a few months ago. I knew this product since working as a nurse. This is the natural remedy we used in patients for skin breakdown may it be related to incontinence, pressure sores, ulcers, and other superficial eroded skin.

I applied the cream just to see and experiment the result. I applied twice a day.

Day one: after the first application, I saw a very encouraging result. The skin is not too dry, looked like a film of cream protected the affected areas. No skin reaction noted.

Day two: the result got more exciting. The dry skin is now softer to touch. No open area noted.

Day three: the lichenification (leathery feel and appearance) smoothed out. Wow, fantastic!

Day four: most of the affected area is clear! About 90% smooth. No more scratching and itchiness.

Day five: WOW! is all I can say. It is clear and smooth. The skin looked and felt like her normal skin. I was so excited and I told her we found the elusive?answer!

Conclusion: This is it! I found the natural remedy to use for my daughter’s eczema. Ditch out the hydrocortisone cream. Hello, calazime paste! I am so happy we did not stop searching. To me, this is one of the greatest gifts I can offer to my child.?Thanks for the good Lord above!


Eczema Free Hands

Normal skin condition after 3-4 weeks post-calazime paste treatment.


I should have known in the past to take some pictures of her skin condition before I started treatment (sorry for that). What I have here is only the after Calazime treatment picture.

As you can see her fingers are clear of irregular skin discoloration. If you touch and feel it, it is smooth. This is a?criterion that it was healed.

In the past 3-4 weeks, in between the finger webs and almost all sides of the fingers were affected. She scratched day and night. The skin looked like leathery, dry, and cracked when she scratched too hard. Sometimes it oozed with serum.

Now, you can see that it is smooth and clear. She does not complain of itching anymore, and her self-esteem is restored.

What is Calazime Cream?

  • Made by Medline with TM called REMEDY with OLIVAMINE. But the name also reads CALAZIME Skin Protectant Paste with Zinc Oxide. See picture below.
  • Nourishes the skin.
  • Helps treat diaper rash, wet and cracked skin.
  • At the back, you’ll read REMEDY is a well-balanced meal for skin cells. Nourished with Olivamine. A blend of potent antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, and MSM.
  • Active ingredient: Menthol and Zinc Oxide.
  • Inactive ingredients: multiple fruit extracts, vitamins, and more …


Calazime Paste





I use a very little amount (to make a very thin film on top of the affected skin), or else when you apply more it will dry, cake, and difficult to remove.





Here, I’m presenting a video showing how my daughter was applying the calazime paste. Take notice that she used a very little amount only since this is a paste and a little amount goes a very long way. Also, remember to wash the child’s hand before applying, since the right amount of moisture is needed for healing. Use twice a day.


Do I Trust This Product?

In my own nursing experience with patient care, I trust this product 100%. I used to work as a Treatment Nurse and I was in charge of making all the wounds and pressure ulcers heal in the recommended amount of time. We used?Calazime paste with surprisingly good results, all the times! Used in patients who were suffering from?incontinence related skin-breakdown, like pressure sores, pressure ulcers, skin erosions and irritated superficial skin. This paste is used as a preventative and treatment strategy. So I can assure myself this is 100% safe because this is our first choice to use with our very sick and fragile patients.

If you are like me who had been long seeking for an effective remedy to treat your child’s eczema, this might be worth for you to try. This might not be the best?treatment, but so far it is for me. You do not have to agree since I am not giving you a medical advice, I am just sharing my own experience.

Calazime paste is not available in the pharmacy but available at See the link below.

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  1. marcy

    Hello Bliss,

    Thanks for this great work. While reading, I remember when I was in high school, year…, I had some kind of eczema too. I understand of your sympathy to your daughter. Very annoying and irritable when there is this kind of condition. I was healed by some kind of medicine prescribed by the doctor. Now it did not came back. I forgot the name of the cream. I think its the same kind of Calazime Cream.
    Very informative post! Thanks for sharing and regards.


    1. Bliss Nadela (Post author)

      Hi Marcy, thank you very much!

      Yes, eczema is very annoying and I know lots of children out there have this condition. I hope to reach out as many moms as possible because this is really a Godsend to me. What a relief after I saw what it did on my daughter’s skin.

      Thank you for sharing to others. I know a lot of others are also looking for a solution to this very chronic skin problem. Hope this post will help them too!

      God Bless and good day!


  2. Miriam

    Thank you for confirming. My daughter had a rash on her both arms for few months that this month has gotten worst then ever. It usually comes and go. But Today her doctor confirmed she has eczema and I have this cream at home because I took it from the hospital (don’t judge lol). I have used it on her but not everytime because I had brought so many other creams for her. But now that I know this helps I’m going to purchase more. Thank you much.

    1. Bliss Nadela (Post author)

      Hi, Miriam! Try it and you will be amazed how effective it is. Update me please for the result.

    2. Bliss Nadela (Post author)

      Hi, Miriam!
      I was smiling when you wrote (don’t judge)🙂. I hope your daughter is now okay! How is the eczema, better or not? If you want to know more I have something to suggest if you need it. Thanks and good day!

  3. FirstSilke

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    because you’ve got high quality content. If you want to know how
    to make extra money, search for: Boorfe’s tips best
    adsense alternative

    1. Bliss Nadela (Post author)

      Hi, I’m glad you finally found out the best treatment for your daughter’s eczema. Hope others can find this pos, too. Good day!

  4. Amanda Wilson

    Hello everyone. My 5-year-old daughter has eczema, for me, it has been really difficult to control it. thanks for the help! for everyone else, the treatment that has helped me a lot to control eczema is Foderma.


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