Acupressure Points for Kids

Acupressure and Childhood Illnesses

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List of Common Childhood Illnesses Treatable with Acupressure

Acupressure is “Complementary and Alternative Medicine”, that means this therapy is used as an adjunct to modern treatment and not contra-indicated in children taking prescribed medications. CAM and western medicine complement each other in a field called Holistic Healing that treats the mind, body and spirit.

Anorexia and Low Appetite

Attention Deficit Disorder


Bronchial Asthma


Chemotherapy and Radiation Stress/ Sickness

  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Post Radiation Sickness
  • Decreased WBC-leading to prone to infection

Chronic Convulsion (stable form)

Colic and Morbid Crying

Common Colds



Frequent Urination


Infantile Malnutrition and Failure to Thrive

Juvenile Diabetes

Leg Pain and Growing Pains

Mental Retardation (for uncontrollable behavior)

Muscular Torticollis or Stiff Neck

Night Crying, Sleeplessness, and Night Terrors

Night Sweating

Otitis and Ear Pain


Retention of Urine


Sore Throat


Weakness of Extremities?and Spine

  • Weakness of Face and Jaw
  • Weakness of the Neck
  • Weakness of the Arms
  • Weakness of the Legs
  • Weakness of the Spine



  1. lb

    Acupressure really works for all of this stuff? I would of never guessed. I do know that it works for a lot of pain, It has helped me tremendously with sciatica. However, I had no clue about a lot of this stuff. Sore throats… really? cough? That is absolutely amazing. Sleeplessness… now that one I could definitely benefit from.

    1. admin

      Hi lb!

      Acupressure will definitely help to all these stuff. This has been the primary treatment of children in the third world countries and even here in USA and other first world countries Like Germany and Japan to mention a few. It is not just popular with kids here though. In doing acupressure in kids, the techniques are unique compared to adults though because there are specific group of points that we manipulate addressing to the specific problem. Some points are general and some are not. Even now with the advent of modern drug therapies, acupressure is still used as “adjunctive therapy”. That means if a child has bronchial asthma, it does not mean that the child will have to stop taking bronchodilator to ease the breathing. How acupressure comes in, is doing the treatment in between attacks, by this strategy the child will be less dependent on bronchodilator and thereby lesser episodes of attacks. Eventually the attacks will become lesser and lesser in time.

  2. Cecilia

    This is pretty interesting. I’m a pharmacist, and as one I like prescription drugs, but I also know that it shouldn’t be used so frequently, especially for kids. Our society is going to pay this wholesale use of prescription drugs.
    Every time I see a less harmful alternative from treatments I’m totally into it. Thank you for sharing it. I’ll be back to know more for sure.

  3. shara

    hi, didn’t even know so many things could be treated through acupuncture! very informative!

    1. Bliss Nadela (Post author)

      Hi shara, good day!.
      Yes, there are specific points for each specific condition. Learned this only after I finished my master of science in oriental medicine studies in Wisconsin. This is very popular in my country and many other Asian countries too, not so known here in the USA though.
      Thanks for dropping by.

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    1. Bliss Nadela (Post author)

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    Hi, Thank you.


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