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Acupressure Therapy for Infantile Colic

Acupressure therapy for infantile colic is painless, very effective, easy to learn, and readily available.

Do you have a baby?who is constantly crying day and night, and the baby’s doctor diagnosed the symptom as colic? Have you been trying to look for an alternative therapy that will help your child to stop crying? Continue reading and I hope you could find a good solution to your child’s need.

Taking care of a constantly crying child as we all know, takes a toll on our energy, sanity, and sleep. It is very draining to hear our child’s plea for help and we cannot soothe the child’s discomfort. We parents are always worried when it comes to our little ones, even if the doctor tells us that there is nothing wrong with the baby and the symptom will later disappear. It is hard to understand why is this happening and how to stop it! We want a fast solution.

What is Infantile Colic?

Infantile colic is a condition in infants that start to occur around 3 months of age and continue to cry for hours day and night. Doctors are really not sure what are the identifiable causes of this crying episodes in babies. The criteria that doctors base their diagnosis of infantile colic is based on symptoms of inconsolable crying lasting for a total of three hours a day and can go on for at least 3 times a week and has been going on for 3 months at least. Some infants continue to have symptoms of colic even after several months to 1 year of age.

Doctors advise parents that this condition is self limiting even without treatment, it can go away on its own. But the stress that parents and child suffer sometimes can strain their patience, and trust in doctors. For stressed parents, there should be a reason of how this symptoms occurs and how to stop it. Unfortunately there is no real answer till now.

Possible causes doctors think could be milk allergy leading to gas, bloating and stomach pain, other factor could be due to psychological factors between the mother and child like anxiety of mother and temperament of the child who would just like to cry without any reason, or maybe caused by immaturity of the gastro-intestinal function leading to discomfort and pain.

Drug Therapies

There is no recommended drug therapy for this condition since this is considered self-limiting. An OTC drug called simethicon they said might help, but not to the many.

Complimentary and Alternative Medicine

  • Acupuncture – a small Scandinavian study use acupuncture to treat colic
  • Chiropractic – involves gentle spinal manipulation
  • Herbal Remedy – including fennel, slippery elm to name a few
  • Physical Medicine – warm baths with 3 drops of lavender essential oil
  • Hypoallergenic diet, soy formula
  • Probiotics – lactobacillus supplement
  • Massage – rubbing your baby’s abdomen may help him or her feel better and get rid of gas. In one study, infants who received an aromatherapy abdominal massage using lavender oil had fewer colicky symptoms compared to those who didn’t receive a massage.

And How Does Acupressure Relieve Uncontrollable Crying in Infants?

Wikipedia defines acupressure as ?an alternative technique similar in principle to acupuncture. It is based on the concept of life energy flowing through meridians or channels in the body. Physical pressure is applied to acupuncture points with the aim of clearing blockages in channels that caused pain, sickness, and ill feeling.?

The ancient Chinese approached the cause of many diseases with a very simple philosophy. The body is considered as an organic whole, where all organs are interconnected to channels or meridians where blood and vital energy flow through in a continuous cycle. If there is a normal flow of blood, lymph, and vital energy along these channels without interruptions or blockages, the body is considered in equilibrium with yin and yang. Any disturbance in the flow of energy, such as a blood clot, cholesterol plaque, or inflammation, leads to disease. When disease occurs, acupuncture and acupressure can restore balance. When balance is restored, healing occurs. That is how simple their belief more than 2,500 years ago.

Pediatric acupressure is a holistic practice, which means that it treats the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors rather than just the physical symptoms of the disease. The principle is to balance the mind, body, and spirit so that the body can function smoothly. It is not the same as a doctor’s view of treating illness based on cause and effect, possibly triggered by bacteria, viruses, or cancer, to name a few. Acupressure is all about interconnecting the whole person by correcting the balance through removing obstructions.?To know more, please click the link:?

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  1. Phoebe

    Another great article 🙂

    I could clearly recall my mom rocking my brother all night because he wouldn’t stop crying. My mom was exhausted and hopeless. I was blessed that I didn’t experience Infantile colic with my own kids, but still, I know for a fact how tough it is on the parents.

    Valuable information as always!

    1. admin

      Hi Phoebe!

      Yes, I could really picture how parents feel when they have one kid affected.
      If only my older sister had known this before with her kids, she could have enjoyed her days better. Now her kids are adults and hopefully none of her grandkids will suffer like her kids, but if they do, I am always here to lend them a helping hand.

      Take care.



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