Acupressure Points for Kids

Acupressure Techniques to Stop Vomiting in Children

When your child starts to vomit profusely whether the cause is because of stomach flu, medication related, or food was not agreeing in you child’s stomach then it is time to think about of doing something like this non-drug therapy called acupressure techniques for vomiting in small children.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, nausea and vomiting are categorized into three causes and each has different prescribed acupressure points to be manipulated.

Why Do We Do Acupressure Children?

Since children cannot take anything even water when they are nauseous and vomiting, it just makes sense that acupressure is an appropriate non-drug remedy to arrest vomiting so your child will not be dehydrated.

What are the Contra-Indications to Acupressure?

The things you need to be aware of is when a child has a wound, open skin, bruise, redness and inflammation of the area. Also, avoid near an IV line or PICC line. In this case, you can do one side only and it does not affect the effectiveness of the acupressure.

Benefits of Acupressure in Small Children

  • Painless
  • Soothing
  • Convey love and trust between mother and child.
  • No cost
  • Near instantaneous effect
  • Always available
  • Creates strong bond between parent and child

Prescribed Acupressure Points for Vomiting

You only need to do the points based on the category of child’s symptoms. There is no specific order of points. Use massage oil and manipulate 2-3 minutes for each point. Do both sides. May do 2-3x day or until vomiting stops. When vomiting stops, start to introduce the child to drink sips of warm water or prescribed anti-dehydration fluids. Do not give COLD fluids.


  1. Vomiting due to abnormal diet:

















St 36








2. Vomiting is associated with clear watery vomitus, cold and clammy skin, chilliness, and without fever.
















Hegu LI4








St 36










3. Vomiting associated with fever and yellow vomitus.
















TianzhuSt 36

















Wishing you the best of a happy and healthy child.




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