Acupressure Points for Kids

Acupressure Techniques to Stop A Cough in Small Children

Acupressure techniques to stop a cough in small children is a natural remedy for a cough when cold weather sets in. As we always predict, more cases involving upper respiratory infections affecting adults and children occurs in this time of year compared to the rest of the seasons. We very well know that due to close interactions of people in a non-open air environment, it is very easy to catch a cough and a cold.

In my previous post, I was discussing why it is not a good idea to give small children OTC (over the counter) cough remedy right away at the start of a symptom. The only recommended remedy by the American Academy of Pediatrics is the use of honey (except for children one year and below) when your child is coughing. Other OTC medication according to the academy does not help and might be in fact harmful.

You will be amazed how effective acupressure can do help your sick child recover quickly. Not only the psychological aspect involved in you taking care of them contributes to the healing process of the symptom but also because children feel loved and nurtured when parents bond with them when they are not feeling well. The psychological feeling of trust, love, and nurturing will compound with massage into a very natural form of healing brought about by the release of endorphins secreted by the child’s body during this time. Endorphins are natural painkillers, it enhances the feeling of well being and good feeling.

Human touch is physically and emotionally healing. No doubt children heal quickly with acupressure!

I always utilize acupressure in most of my child’s common illnesses and symptoms that she gets from school and playing with sick children. Be it a cough, headache, leg pain, abdominal pain, and colds. Acupressure is almost always effective in a day or two. Because of its effectiveness, I do not use OTC medications.

Why Use Acupressure?

Acupressure involves using only your hands and no medicines to give. Children hate seeing medicines forced into their mouths when they don’t like to take it. So in other words, it is not only economical, safe, effective, and natural, but also does not compromise a child’s trust between the parent or caregiver when they are forced to drink medications they hate.

Another reason is that acupressure creates bonding between parent and child or caregiver and child. This means the child is closer to you and more trustful in your interactions with him or her, especially during times ill feeling.

If an adult love being massaged when they are sick, so does children feel good too!

Acupressure Techniques

Use massage oil to prevent friction.

Massage each points 1-3 minutes or as indicated.

Comfortable position and a warm room for infants.

You can also read the page here, acupressure self-help guide.

Prescription Acupressure Points

Mei Chong

Mei Chong

Mei Chong: Knead this point using your thumbs alternating starting from the point shown going upwards towards the hairline.











Zan Zhu

Zanzhu: With your thumb on each side of the inner eyebrows, knead together in a circular motion from L to R for 1-2 minutes.











Tai Yang

Taiyang: Knead in a circular motion on both sides of the temple together for 1-2 minutes.












Feijing: Knead this point with your thumb starting from the root of the 4th finger towards the finger tip 1-2 minutes. Repeat on opposite hand.












Neibagua: Knead in a rotating motion L to R for 2-3 minutes and repeat the other hand.











Tan Zhong

Tanzhong: With your index and middle fingers together, knead in L to R circular motion for 1-2 minutes.











Run your tumb or thumb and index finger together in a sawing motion back and forth 15x.

Xiaohengwan: Run your thumb and index finger together in a sawing motion back and forth 1-2 minutes for coarse rales. Knead each point for several times in circular motion from L to R for moist rales. Then repeat on opposite hand.





















I hope you learn something today on how to do acupressure techniques to stop a cough in small children.



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