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Hello, I am Bliss Nadela and that girl on my right shoulder is my daughter Hannah.

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Thank you first of all for taking your time reading this page. The main reason why I started this site is based on my experiences with children who were deprived due to poverty and lack of education. First I have to tell you that I came from a third world country called the Philippine Islands. I was born and raised there and already finished my college education before migrating to the US. In my country, many kids will attend school up to 6th grade only. Since parents are also uneducated, children tend to follow them. I saw a lot of sad and unhappy children during my clinical rotations in different places of assignments when I was in medical school. I have seen a lot and it broke my heart to see them.

Today’s world have evolved much better from 20 years back. Now, we have seen people especially parents heading towards natural ways of treating diseases without drugs. Some parents believed that giving vaccines to their children are more detrimental to their health than not having one at all. I don’t blame this group of people in what they believe, there should be a significant reason why they were brought into this kind of thinking.

Let me ask you personally, since you are here reading my message. Have your beliefs about over medicating ourselves and our children every time we get sick changed, due to the evolving harder to treat illnesses brought about by drug resistance and drug dependence? Are you looking for alternative ways to treat your children naturally and effectively without the use of drugs? Hope your views coincide with mine since our society now has changed way too much! Doctors are dispensing drugs faster than ever, and because of that many patients are now drug seekers. I don’t know if doctors are primary to blame this trend, I hope not! I take medications only when I really need to because I believe the body can heal itself when you give it a chance to heal naturally.

YOUR HANDS CAN HEAL WITH CHILDREN’S ACUPRESSURE is a way to learn and educate yourself without the use of drugs. It is natural, painless and very effective!

Many years back when I was juggling my thoughts of what career to pursue in life, I had encountered a lot of indecisiveness and emotions. To make the story short, I ended up enrolling in a master’s course in Oriental Medicine (adding to my already MD from the Philippines), in Wisconsin. My master’s thesis chosen was about Pediatric Acupressure. Since I found it so fascinating how this kid in my country got better by massage only, not with medications (since first of all they cannot afford drugs, so massage is their primary way to go first). After graduation from this oriental medicine and acupuncture-herbal medicine studies, I went back to the Philippines and applied all that I knew about Chinese pediatric massage, acupressure, and acupuncture.

To my big surprise, it REALLY worked in almost all of my patients!

Sometimes I was believing could it be the placebo effect? If it is, it does not matter, what mattered was the relief they reported back to me (in 1999). The effect is instantaneous or near instant. I got very positive feedbacks from parents and friends how it helped their children. I was so happy hearing their comments and I wondered how come not so many people use these techniques?

I found out that many who practiced children’s massage knew the techniques from their parents and grandparents, and it is a guarded know how and they were not willing to share it. Then, I went back to the US. In the US I encountered another wall, my chosen career did not really progress well and cannot sustain a better living so I enrolled in nursing. Now I am a nurse, a really good nurse as what they say (seasoned by 3 degrees probably, lol).

So now I was really thinking that I need to share what I knew to the world, and I am not going to keep it to myself unlike the massage therapist in the Philippines who are kind of belonging to a secret sect or society that they do not want you to get into. I decided to post this knowledge here in this website. I will be covering many common childhood illnesses that can be treated with pediatric acupressure.

Take note that not all common childhood illnesses need medications, some are self-limiting and sometimes touch therapy is what is all needed to heal (before rushing the child to the doctor’s office). You will save time, effort, money, and unnecessary stress in life.

But I will be honest here that pediatric acupressure is not for everything. I am a doctor and I know when to bring your child to the experts. Examples are a condition called status asthmaticus where the child does not respond to medications after several doses of a bronchodilator, generalized epilepsy needed to be seen in emergency, trauma, fever of unknown origin, and bleeding, just to mention a few.

Hope what I was discussing above will help you find the way to what you are looking for. Continue visiting this site from time to time and I hope you will find valuable information that you need to know all about pediatric acupressure.

P.S. My daughter is a testimony of my skills in pediatric acupressure. She loved acupressure very much because she feels a true sense of comfort, love and bonding between me and herself when she is sick?Every time she has a headache, leg pains, stomach pain, diarrhea/vomiting, and cough/cold and fever, mommy comes to the rescue all the time. Always happy to the end. If you know of a friend, family member, and neighbors who you think might need the information presented here, please refer them to this site. Thank you and God Bless!






  1. Phoebe

    Awesome info! Growing up we were told to press certain pressure points to help with all kinds of symptoms when we were feeling sick. There is a pressure point for everything!

    Looking forward to learn more ..

    1. admin

      Hi Phoebe, yes there are certain specific points for most common illnesses. But to be effective, master points need to be paired with supplemental points. So the treatment is composed of a range of a few to several points depending on the condition. And children’s acupressure is somewhat unique or different compared to adults because we have to consider: the age of the child, how we deliver the techniques pertaining to time, how much pressure to apply and so on.

      Thank you for your interest. God Bless!

  2. Cecilia

    Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
    Do you have a subscribe section? I’d love to subscribe and tell my friends and family.
    I also believe your knowledge is too valuable to not be shared. Thank you again!

    1. admin

      Hi Cecilia! Thank you for the inspiring comments. I thought people will not be interested in this niche at all. I was just kind of telling myself that it is not Ok for me to keep this knowledge to myself, I have to share it to the world because our society is now dependent in drugs, and in drugs there are side effects. And in one side effect we take another drug…. it is a cycle of drugging ourselves. When I was working at a clinic, parents will always ask for drugs when they think their children are sick, often times doctors don’t give medications for self limiting illness or when doctors see that medicine is not necessary. Do you want to know what is their usual reaction? They would angrily ask “why the doctor is not giving my child a prescription, my child is sick!”. So I always come to the rescue and explain why there was no RX given, and I see the dismay in their faces. So I see a perfect timing to give these info out. And I hope in this community we can come together and promote this subject to those who are willing to learn, be open minded. If they are not yet receptive of the idea, maybe a little education can open their minds.

      I am just starting building this website business and I still have a way long road to travel before I can finish this perfectly. I will be doing a subscription in the future since for now I am just learning, please be patient OK?

      Visit my page from time to time… I cannot promise you when is the exact date since as I’m still learning. So thank you very much and good day! Take care.

      Bliss N

  3. Cheryl Rushton

    Hi Bliss
    I absolutely agree with your belief that the body can heal itself. I am a huge believer in alternative therapies and agree that there is far too much reliance on pushing drugs on people. I avoid them at all costs, though I understand that sometimes people feel they do not have a choice.

    I truly believe your site will help many people who are open minded to these methods 🙂

    1. Bliss Nadela (Post author)

      Hello Cheryl!

      Nice to meet you here. Thank you for this wonderful feedback. I felt so inspired to continue educating the general masses from refraining drugs and medications use when only possible especially for young children because of the fact that children are very sensitive to drugs. Parents and caregivers will be better informed and they have a choice to either go with medications, medications with natural therapy, or just the last one alone. Thank you for dropping by.

      Best wishes.

  4. Sunil

    Hi Bliss, it’s a very inspiring to know about u and ur article is simple wow…. I came to know a lot. I m actually a believer of self curing … n Glad to know more on this.

    1. Bliss Nadela (Post author)

      Thank you Sunil. In this real world, we are all consuming drugs as if like food. Glad to know that you believe in Holistic Healing too. God Bless!

    2. Bliss Nadela (Post author)

      Hello, Sunil!
      Thank you for your comment. I’m glad we are in the same belief about alternative medicine and self healing. Good day!


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