Acupressure Points for Kids

Acupressure Techniques to Stop A Cough in Small Children

Acupressure techniques to stop a cough in small children is a natural remedy for a cough when cold weather sets in. As we always predict, more cases involving upper respiratory infections affecting adults and children occurs in this time of year…
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Acupressure Techniques to Stop Chronic Convulsion in Small Children

This post is about acupressure techniques used to stop chronic convulsion in small children. If you have a child who is diagnosed with chronic convulsion or epilepsy and even though he or she is taking medications, and if the symptom still…
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Acupressure Techniques to Stop Vomiting in Children

When your child starts to vomit profusely whether the cause is because of stomach flu, medication related, or food was not agreeing in you child’s stomach then it is time to think about of doing something like this non-drug therapy…
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